Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer reading and Zombie Survival

My oldest child is 11 and at this specific age he had the honor to choose whether to participate in the Children's Summer Reading Program, or move up to the Teen's Summer Reading Program. This would be of importance to my11 year old boy because he no longer wanted to participate in the "Little Kids" event that handed out a t-shirt, ice cream coupon, and baseball game ticket upon completion. Instead, he wanted to use his reading prowess to build up Library Money and wage it all in an epic auction at the end of the summer.

The Teen's Summer Reading Program rules:
Every hour of reading time paid you $20. Every event you attended earned another $10. And bi-weekly trivia sheets earned another $5. (all non-existent money of course. The librarians stamped the specific dollar amount in an allocated reading log)

Once a reader reached 10 hrs/$200* they were given a prize bundle including: Teen Program water bottle filled with 1 sheet magnetic poetry, water park ticket, shutter shade glasses, teen program rubber wristband, ice cream coupon, and a baseball game ticket. (Yep, he got them anyway)

*The reader does not use the $200 on the prize bundle, it is simply for completing 10 hours of reading, and probably to ensure that every reader will get something.

After the 10 hr mark, it was every reader for his/her self. Though, $1600 was the max limit any one reader could earn.

Some samples of auction items: Nook Color, Hunger Games DVD, 4 Movie Tickets, Jessica Spotswood's Born Wicked (signed),  Hunger Games Trilogy, Zombie Survival Kit, USB Desktop Missile Launcher, Opportunity to decide librarian assistant's hair color, and a many other items I can't recall.

My son's overall take: $1255
(he completed all but 4 hours of the allotted reading hours, and earned the rest through events and completing all trivia sheets)

We didn't see any bids close to the $1600 range, but most were over $1000.

And he WON something!!!

Check it out:

And what would one think a Zombie Sak would include?
Well, survival flashcards, of course...

 Then comes the real survival gear...

That is a can of zombie whoopass, my friends.
Not really. How awesome would that have been?!

It's actually a kit for humans to remain, well human, and non-living-dead.

I'd love to show you what's in it, but my son has vowed to leave it sealed until the Zombie Apocalypse. Lest we lose a valuable tool that's inside.
However, I did photograph the list of contents:

I for one am very interested in the Survival Instructions. Does this can know exactly what harsh conditions we will face? Or is it merely a guide on how to operate the wing stove and poly water bag that's included in the can? I'm on the verge of breaking into the can while Little Man is at Middle School this week. So much suspense *insert nail-biting here*

So, summer reading can save us all from Zombie Apocalypses, if you were the winning bidder, but more importantly my son filled his summer with reading adventures and that is worth more than all the auction items combined.

As a parent of two young readers (my 9 year-old daughter happily accepted her t-shirt and coupons, thank you very much) I owe a huge thank you to the great team of librarians in our area. I hope other parents, or readers, found a fun adventure this summer at their library!

If you'd like to check out more about our local Teen Program, look for them on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Teens-RCPL/307017845923