Monday, September 3, 2012

An Interview with author Jen Calonita!

Lots of fabulous things happened for me in August. For now, I'm sharing a bit about a new friend, a new journey, and an epic chat with fantastic author: Jen Calonita.

In short:
1. I attended Jackson Pearce's writing class during the month of August in Decatur, GA (yes, 7 hours away. I'll blog about that this week). While there I met Alison Law. (find more about my new friend here: . Alison also tweets at: @alisonlawAlison is fabulous, y'all!)

2. Alison and I started chatting after the first class and it didn't take long to discover our mutual love for southern books, southern writers, and books set in the South. Alison mentioned she was embarking on a creative journey tapping into the love of southern fiction - a website dedicated to the aforementioned: Southern Spines (the new adventure has started, the website is live! Many CONGRATS to Alison, and the other contributors, and all their hard work!)

3. I was sold. I wanted in on this journey. Alison must have noticed (after many I Volunteer As Contributor emails) that I would be super dedicated, because she allowed me to act as a YA contributor for the website and sent me on my way to contact southern writers, or authors of southern fiction. 

4. Now the BIG NEWS! 
Jen Calonita agreed to an interview! It was so much fun to chat with Jen. She was a trooper during the website launch and even offered a special giveaway - a copy of Belles and Winter White - to the readers! 
So, Dear Reader, want to know why a girl from the big apple wrote about the South? Want to know more about the world of Winter White; the second installment in the Belles series? Want to know what types of comfort food Jen loves, and which songs fill up Jen's iPod? Of course you do! 
Go check out Jen's interview on Southern Spines

Learn more about Jen Calonita on her website. Or find her on twitter.

(click on the images to find out more about each book in the Belles series.)

Hope y'all had a lovely long-weekend!