Sunday, March 31, 2013

Advice & Inspiration - #19

There were no words on the WIP for me today, friends.

A mini-vacation if you will. Just for today.

But, I wanted to share a link I bookmarked and used often. It hosts a WEALTH of suggestions, advice, and inspiration. It's kind of like a virtual piece of cake when you think about it. And it's so much healthier than that store bought stuff ;-)

Want some advice on craft from a published author? Why did I even ask, right?

Here is Susan Dennard's list for writers.

Enjoy, y'all!

Word Count: 0

Happy Writing

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Skipping to the Last Scene - #18

It surprises me that I lasted this long.

Drafting the last scene of a WIP usually happens for me right after I write the first scene. Said scene is never in complete form, nor does it stay the same by the time I work my way back to it, but the framework is there nonetheless.

There are many different opinions in regards to when one should come up with their ending: know vaguely from the beginning, get there organically, outline extensively, etc. I was never too concerned with which of those categories I fell into because we all have our own process.

Though, I will mention that I heard a nugget of advice on the subject somewhere (I'd cite it, but I can't remember where exactly it came from) that roughly said, "You don't have to know the end of your story (details/plot), but know how you want your reader to feel at the end." And I would agree wholeheartedly. I always know the emotion I want for the end of my stories.

And, as I mentioned above, shortly after I start (already knowing the emotion I want for the ending) a scene comes to me and I'll have the framework jotted down after the first scene.

This WIP has taken me a bit longer. Maybe because of my busy schedule of late? Maybe because of my short writing times each day? Maybe I need more coffee? Yes, that's it.

Anyhow, today I worked on my WIP's last scene listening to the track I designated for such cause (per the emotion I wanted from the reader).

Have a listen:

Word Count: 823

Happy Writing!

Friday, March 29, 2013

No Words, but Fun Links - #17

There were no words on the WIP for me today, friends.

Just a day to get back into my regular job (after the brief hiatus with ill family), and relax a bit. Plus the children started spring break today. Today. It's Friday, y'all. Why didn't spring break start on Saturday, or Monday of next week?

Anyway, I have something fun for y'all.

I've mentioned getting some craft advice from YA author Jackson Pearce. And you may remember I mentioned that some of that advice came from her live shows - which I couldn't link to because they're not recorded.

Well, it turns out there was one she recorded, and has left up for your learning pleasure. 
I give you Jackson Pearce on Publishing:

Word Count: 0 (back at it tomorrow)

Happy Writing!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friends for the Journey - #16

I want to give a shout out to my amazing friends that continue to give their full support while a family member of mine has been in the hospital. You know who you are and all of you are simply wonderful. True, true friends.

Your support was the warmth I needed during this heartbreaking journey of worry and doubt. And finally, we made it into the golden hour of another day - a time full of hope and adventure and promise of opportunity.

Thank you all for always showing me the honesty of our friendships. I'd follow you guys anywhere.

@Samantha Sessoms
Airlie Gardens, NC
During writing time today, I worked some more on the funeral scene, after I focused on class work.

I am tickled over this class, y'all. There are no words right now for the things I'm learning about my writer-soul, and writing technique. My mind is blown. 

If you have no idea what class I'm referring to, go here, or check out Holly Lisle's HTTS Ultra class

Word Count: 467

Happy Writing! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The South - #15*

I live in Southwest VA, and always thought of my state as part of The South.

Then I took a trip to Georgia for a writing class. After class I met a lovely gal that lived local. We discussed our reading interests, and our current writing interests. It seemed we both loved stories set in the South; southern towns reminiscent of our current locations.

Her: But wait, do you consider Virginia the South?
Me: Yes.
Her: Isn't it more of the line separating the North from the South?
Me: *blinks* I don't think so... Is it?

Please don't get offended if you're from the deep South, but whether you consider VA the South or not, I'm naming it the South. Out of love, I promise.

I've grown too accustomed with big oaks, small town secrets, sun-brewed sweetened tea on a sprawling porch in summer, folks calling the Sheriff by his nickname, cicadas whirring at dusk, and lightning bugs circling a half-lit fire from a left-over barbecue.

These things make up my current WIP. A story smack dab in the middle of my part of the South.

Today I worked on the beginning of a new scene. Something that's pretty big for Southerners: a funeral.

It's not the death itself that makes it a bigger deal than other areas. It's the ritual. Or at least, I've been told we in the South make quite a ritual out of the ordeal.

It starts with the wake, or viewing: one to three days of gathering around the deceased. Then there is the funeral: more viewing, a service inside (religious or not), followed by an outside service at the gravesite. Finally another gathering for the grieving family, usually at the home of the deceased's nearest next of kin.

This is at least 2-4 days worth of ritual. Even longer in some areas.

(I myself am not fond of these events in real life. They creep me out.)

Of course this isn't how everyone does it, but for most of my area, and for my story, it happens this way.

If you haven't noticed already - that much time spent in close quarters with family and family friends (some that you like and some you despise) is built-in tension**.

Wired tension. Grieving tension. Romantic tension. Passive-polite tension.

I love the South, y'all.

How about your area? Any over-the-top rituals?

Side note:
If you haven't watched Death at a Funeral, do so. Right now!
Great, great story telling.

Word Count: 359

*It's day 15! And because I find writing the word day redundant, it will henceforth be # in the title line.
** My opinion comes from a writers stand point. So, I'm issuing a blanket apology for anyone who may misconstrue my opinions as insensitive in relation to their own experiences with death.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Breaking Point - Day 14

Today was all about pushing my main character to a huge breaking point.

Questions to ask yourself when you're on this writerly mission:

How far can you push the character before they snap?
Do you want them to snap?
How are they emotionally: aloof? dramatic? flippant? crushed? vengeful?
No matter how far they're pushed will they regress?
Will they go too far the other way?
How will either result affect their relationships in the story?
How will either result change their story?

It's a delicious feeling to be so swallowed up in the character's emotional turmoil that you forget where you are and what you should be doing. I'd nearly lost myself to that surge of delight when I realized I was sitting in the corner of a crowded waiting room and I'd completed the scene (in my first draft form). I felt drunk on make-believe and not a soul in the room knew the journey I was on, the characters I was living with, or the adventure they were stirring up. It was terrific - my own secret world.

Today was a good day for that.

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen that I was at the hospital with a family member, and today was the day for all the good vibes you could manage to spare. Well, it worked, friends. All is well for now and we're pressing forward with warmth and love in our heart.

Word Count: 980

Monday, March 25, 2013

Joss Whedon Says it Best - Day 13

Below is a link to some handy (read: amazingly necessary) tips by none other than Joss Whedon.

That is all for today, y'all.

Seriously. The tips are that on point.

Without further ado: Joss Whedon's 10 Writing Tips

Word Count: 572

Happy Writing!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Snow = Words - Day 12

So I'm one of those people that complains about the weather. I know, I know, but LOOK AT IT:

And it's gotten worse this evening.
Four days after the official start of Spring. There is currently 6.5 inches of snow here.
Guys, I'm in need of some sun and warm spring breeze. Now.

If any of you possess any Go Away Snow Juju - do it now, please. I will give you cake. If we ever meet

One thing all that snow is good for, though? You guessed it. WORDS.

Word Count: 1167

Happy Writing!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

More Music - Day 11

I'm always on the hunt for new writing music. Have any suggestions, readers? I'd love to hear them!

One of my favorites from my current WIP playlist:

Ah, does this song not ooze right to the core of every person's turmoil? That moment of choosing between the good and evil that lives in all of us?!

Um, yeah, I'm writing a YA thriller/horror. How did you know? *wink, wink*

And another favorite is:

I just... I love fantastic, emotional lyrics, y'all. What can I say?

And another...

Oh, I should stop. But, I really would love any suggestions you guys have. Feel free to leave a link, or list, in the comments so everyone can get in on the goods!

Word Count: 694

Happy Writing!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Finding a Great Story - Day 10

I wasn't going to post anymore about the family member with the medical issues that I mentioned earlier this week, but she is still at the hospital and will be for a bit longer. So, Dear Reader, any good vibes you feel like passing along would be greatly appreciated!

So while at the hospital today, we waited.
Waiting has one positive - it gives us ample amounts of time we can't seem to find elsewhere in our schedule. Today I took advantage of that. More for my own sanity than anything else, nonetheless I got some words out. (sometimes it's easier to focus on make-believe than reality)

Then this evening, I wanted to take the kids out and give them a break from hospital smell and small, quiet rooms. They voted for a movie.

We saw this:

And while waiting, we watched this preview:

There was so much awesome, thrilling, inspiring story in both of these tales, friends!

Have you ever read a book, or watched a movie that grabbed hold of your heart and reminded you  why you slave over your own stories every day?
This was one of those moments for me (I've had them before, but it feels so new every time).
Both of these stories made my writer-soul set up, breathe in the adventure, and fall heartbreakingly in love with them. And I haven't even seen Epic yet!

I don't write fantasy. And I was never interested in writing an animated screenplay.
And that is OKAY.
Because you don't need to be inspired by your own genre or medium, y'all.
You just need to be inspired.

Word Count: 1493

So, any great stories sneak into your life lately? Did they take root and blossom into warm, gooey inspiration?

Happy writing!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Slow Going - Day 9

Today was just one of those slow going days in writing while the rest of life was whizzing by. Yeah, you know the ones I'm talking about.

So, I don't have any links, or new process ideas for you. Yes, I fail at inspiration today.

How about this:

@Samantha Sessoms

The ocean always inspires me. (though technically this is the Ferry side of Fort Fisher, NC)
Hope it does for y'all too!

Word Count: 502

Happy Writing!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting Creative - Day 8

There were some family issues today; of the medical variety. Those issues are better for now, thankfully. However, I feel I need to tell everyone: Take care of your self!

As writers we often get so wrapped up in the juggling act that is life & writing that we forget to take care of ourselves. For me, it's come down to making a to-do list on all busy days. (read- days I don't crawl out of bed to write and eat. All other days are busy.) Which is wonderful when you think about it - we have moonbeams we are actively pursuing that make our lives exciting.

On the flip side. We're BUSY. So sometimes we forget to take care of us.
I don't mean in the eat, drink, daily hygiene sort. That is obvious (even if we've forgotten to eat breakfast and it's 2pm).
I'm thinking more about little things we should do to treat ourselves so we don't get so run down in bad times. Like when a family member gets sick and you're sitting at a hospital looking like it was one of your Crawl Out Of Bed And Write Days, and it WASN'T. Yeah, makes you feel like someone should take more of an interest in their self, and that someone is you (meaning me).

Today I decided to make myself a creative little reminder.

This past christmas the kids and I all got each other Smash books. Mine and Babygirl's were sold in a set (pink spine), while I purchased Little Man's book (green spine) and supplies individually. This is relevant, because if you bought the set it had a nifty travel size Smash book.

While sitting with my mom today, I used my travel Smash book to make a list of things that I need to start making time for.
For example: watch youtube videos on styling hair in quick, new ways. play with make-up until I find a fun, easy routine (hasn't happened since I was 19? 20?). drink a TON of water and eat more fresh fruit and veggies.

None of these things are immediately life saving by any means, nor super important (i.e. hair, make-up), but they're things that I know will make me feel better about the care and keeping of me. You know?

If you have no idea what a Smash book is, check out this video:

Fun, right?

And see other Smash Stories here.

Word Count*: 773

*As an aside from yesterday's post, I'd like to say that although my process involves getting out that first draft as quick as possible (so I can start doing the real work - for me - in revisions), I am by no means trying to write it in 2 weeks now. So my word count will vary, as I'm drafting this WIP day by day. 

Happy writing, y'all!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Setting Some Goals - Day 7

Today marks the last day of my first week of class. Ah, LOVE the new writing class, y'all. Love.

Completing this little milestone made me want to mark today special in some way. After all, much was accomplished today:

- I finished reading all of the first week's lesson.
- I drank half a pot of coffee.
- I completed 7 class worksheets.
- I devoured an everything bagel (toasted) with cream cheese. Yum.
- I drafted a scene of the WIP.
- I fulfilled adult/mommy responsibilities for the rest of the evening.

It was a good day. And I want more good days like this. My schedule doesn't often give me full days to get all of these tasks done, though, so I needed to come up with a way to strive for these great days.

Time to set some goals!

Here they are in no particular order:

*Treat writing as a job with disciplined, daily hours.
*Keep my word count to at least 500 a day, but strive for much more.
*Pay attention to the inspiration, and opportunity in everyday events and take advantage.
*Keep a balance between writing time and family time. Both are important.

Word Count: 627

Dream big, y'all.
Happy writing!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Busy Day 6

Started today with a gym visit. That was fun. (I'll leave it up to you to decided if I'm being sarcastic or not - read *yes*)

The early activity definitely got the writing mojo warmed-up, though. So YAY! for that.

Half of today's writing schedule was spent on classwork and the other half on the WIP.

While drafting, it dawned on me that I hadn't shared how I'm drafting this new WIP with you lovely folk. I shared the outlining. The random notes. The transfer process. But not the drafting?
We must fix that now.
You may have seen me discuss Fast Drafting on the blog (a workshop I took with Candace Havens). That specific workshop taught me to draft 5,000 words a day for 2 weeks straight to produce a 75,000 word first draft. After all, you can't fix a blank page. Right?
(Nora Roberts thinks so, she said that gem of knowledge - though her exact quote is: I can't fix a bad page. I can't fix a blank page.) 
That workshop taught me that I can finish a first draft quickly, so that I have something to work with and revise.

However, there was something missing for me. For my process.
I was happy to have a first draft out, but I felt that I had lost ideas in the drafting phase because I was worried over word choice, descriptions, pacing and the ever elusive 5k word count each day.

To be far to Fast Draft (because it DOES work), I shouldn't have been thinking of those things. Part of the reason we're able to get out such high quantity of words is because we squelch the inner editor. However, I decided not to write that way again after a second try because I didn't want to write 5k words of sloppy prose - and that's what I personally was doing.

So, I repeat, Fast Drafting does work.
But I needed other ways to work the quick first draft into my process.

And as fate so often presents itself, I saw a link on Twitter for an article by Anne Greenwood Brown: Kicking Out a Fast First Draft.

I thought it would be similar to the Fast Draft process I had already tried.
I was wrong.
And I've never been so happy to be so wrong!

This speaks more to my process. A few posts ago, I stated that I have scenes/dialog/etc that come to me throughout the day. I get bursts of pivotal scenes and relationship arcs. Why wouldn't I lay down the bare-boned foundation of a first draft this way, all the way through the whole story, then go back and grow the atmosphere, decorate the world, light the day and darken the night?

I never did this before, because I allowed myself to believe that writing was done a certain way, but we all have our own process. For some, they draft straight through a scene - full scenery, dialog, great prose - beginning to end of each scene. Others write whole snippets non-lineraly. While some write the foundation of the scene first, then go back and create the story; like me.

And what works for some, doesn't need to work for all.

Word Count: 1078

I hope you're finding a process for your style of drafting, Dear Reader.
Happy writing!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Class Lesson 1 & Writing - Day 5

I only wrote a little on the WIP today because I spent a lot of my scheduled writing time getting organized for my new writing class. You know, the one I joined last week that will be 7 months of writing awesomeness.

I didn't tell you guys? Are you sure? (I know I told Twitter. Oops.)

Seriously, I think it slipped my mind to post on the blog since I started the writing class the same week I decided to do this 365 day blog.

Crazy, I know.

But the best kind of crazy! All the extra writing related stuff has motivated me even more to take my dreams to the limit.

Information on the How To Think Sideways Ultra class by the lovely, and super talented Holly Lisle can be found on her HTTSUltra website.

My first week's lesson has moved along nicely so far, and I completed 3 worksheets tonight. Then I set up a schedule to work on all future lessons while still giving me time to draft the current WIP.

Word count on the WIP: 392

Have you taken any good writing classes lately, Dear Readers?
Go to any super fun St. Patrick's Day events?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring is Coming - Day 4

So we finally had some nice March weather in Southwest, VA. While working 8 hours at the bookstore today, I kept the front door propped open so the 70 degree weather could swoop in and warm our bones.

Then, as the weather in these parts does lately, it switched up and the sun took a nap while the rain clouds danced in. However, it was our first warm spring shower, and it was lovely. Not gloomy, or chilly as per all the early weeks of 2013's flip-floppy weather.

This warm shower was just right for the beginning of Spring.

And afterwards the sky was gorgeous. Have a look:

Beautiful. Am I right?

With a day like this I had no problem squeezing in writing time (normally I would have grumpily done house chores, or immediately passed out after walking in the door).

Word count: 863.

Any good weather your way, Peeps? Big plans for the weekend?

Friday, March 15, 2013

Drafting Begins - Day 3

Hi, All!

So today (after work, and kid pick-up from school, and shopping, and dinner, and...) I sat down to start drafting.

It's important to state here that I write to music. Music is IMPERATIVE, y'all. Seriously.

So, on this very important first day of drafting, I needed a kick-butt Get Into The Story song. And I had just the one. Here it is for you to love all over:

All right, I know y'all have probably left to buy this awesomeness on iTunes, but if you're still here you probably want a word count (as numbers will be the more important parts of simple drafting posts from here until I have a completed draft, other than fun links, inspiration, pics, music, etc-awesome).

Today's word count was: 1,009!    #FTW

Did y'all write today? Listen to any good music?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Adding All the Notes - Day 2

I've added my Wall Outline to Scrivener, lovely readers. My once empty Scrivener file now looks like so:

Of course, it doesn't have the black boxes over the content in my real life version, but you get the idea (there's no way I'm showing the unedited first outline!). The column on the left represents each of the 30-something index cards I now have (which, makes moving from scene/chapter to scene/chapter SUPER Effing Easy! Yay, Scrivener!).

Each index card represents each pink Post-it you saw yesterday.

So, once the Wall Outline was in my Scrivener file, I had to upload all of my notes. See, I (along with every other writer, probably) have this habit of coming up with scenes, dialog, moments, events, etc. while driving, working, grocery shopping, whatever, where ever - you name it and I'm there coming up with stuff. And it never fails that I only have* a notepad, napkin, or Evernote app on my phone to write all of the awesome down.

*I NEVER have my laptop to plug it immediately into Scrivener. Wish they had an Evernote-esqu app that would allow me to take notes then sync with Scrivener when I got home... Hmm, you listening Scrivener creator?

Which means I end up with this:

Only thing missing from the photo is my phone (Evernote notes), because it was being used at the moment.

So today's mission was to get all of that into the appropriate scenes/chapters I created yesterday in Scrivener. I'd show you a picture of that, but it would be less appealing with all the words blocked out. The drafting background isn't as groovy as the cork board background above ;-)

That's my day 2, peeps. And let me tell you - I plan to seriously work on better organization when outlining the next idea! There has to be a better way than: "Quick, give me a surface ink will stick to!" Alas, it seems I just cultivate my outline in a messy, spread out manner.

Happy writing to all of you!
See you tomorrow. When I start DRAFTING!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Outlining - Day 1

Normally, I'd be starting fresh with my outline, however I've already outlined most of my new WIP. So, today (day 1 of my Year of Writing!) I'll be transferring my wall outline into Scrivener.

Here is a visual of my Wall Outline:

My previous outlining skills involved many index cards, many tacks, and two cork boards. That was when I wrote screenplays. Since I've come back to prose, I felt that I was dealing with much more story and details. The index cards didn't work as well for me any more.

Then one night I was watching a Jackson Pearce live show. If you've never heard of Jackson Pearce, crawl out from under that rock and go visit her website ;-)
So, during a particular live show, Jackson illustrated how she outlines - from idea to starting pages. She color codes with Post-its. (I'd link to the video, but live shows are live. Sorry, readers)
I was hooked. As a visual learner and organizer, this was perfect for me (not to mention the super ease of moving Post-its around).
I don't believe I remember her color codes and process exactly, but this is how I've worked it into my outlining process. And the color coding doesn't matter anyway, as long as you're consistent.

As for my outline, the colors you see in the picture are coded as follows:
Pink= plot scenes
Green = character & scene happenings
Blue = bigger character elements
Purple = questions, story arcs, miscellaneous

Now, to further breakdown my outline: I wanted to plot (pink Post-Its) the story against minute points I learned in screenwriting. The easiest version you can find on-line or in a bookstore is Blake Snyder's Beat Sheet from his book: Save the Cat!.
(This is not the same method I used in screenwriting, because I came from the lesser detailed Hero's Journey school of thought adapted for movies, however Blake's minute points are very similar.) 
And since I wanted something with a bit more detail, similar to the Beat Sheet, I started to use that until I discovered a Blake Snyder Beat Sheet adapted for prose. OhMyPlotting, friends! It helped so much. And guess what? I have a link for that: Liz Write's Books site.

Also worth noting at this point: I've watched a few of Maggie Stiefvater's vlogs, read some of her posts on writing, and attended a twitter chat, in which she answered reader questions. I'm not sure exactly where I heard/read her say this... I'll go check twitter in a second to see if it was there*... but she has stated that a novel is = 30 scenes that average 2k-3k words each. Of course she doesn't mean that each scene literally has to be 2k-3k, but I agree it is a good starting place to outline with around 30 big scenes.
And do I need to say it? Yes, I do.
If you are not familiar with Maggie Stiefvater, go get familiar with her work, musings, advice, funnies, etc.: Maggie Stiefvater's site.

*Yay! It was on twitter. I favorited it for safe keeping!

You'll note she doesn't mention the 2k-3k words per scene here, but that was somewhere else. Probably a vlog. But, I promise she's mentioned it. 

All in all, these techniques have given me the tools to create a working outline. Sometimes there are spaces in the outline (like the one above, and another you can't see), but I'm okay with that. I know story can change once I start drafting, and I allow myself that freedom. As long as I have something to work with, I can get started.

How about you, lovely readers? Have any great outlining tips you want to share?

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

365 Days Blogging Project

This past weekend my oldest child celebrated his twelfth birthday. Twelve, lovely readers. Where has the time gone?
Anyhow, while discussing his birth and sprouting years, as he enjoys on his birthday, we came around to his future hopes and dreams. Which lead to a very special discussion.

My little man declared that I inspire him. Me.
I couldn't believe it. I know they've been present for all the recent milestones, but I never knew it would affect them so. I'd always assumed they were indifferent as long as they had a healthy, loving environment.
Not the case. He has paid meticulous attention to all the work I've put into school (which both children watched me graduate from), and my writing, and my day job that helps pay our bills.
This revelation got me thinking: it warmed my heart to truly inspire him, but what am I teaching my kids if I'm not pushing forward with serious intention?

I've taken writing classes and finished two novels to date, but I've yet to draft something I want to take all the way to query. My new WIP has all the possibility to be The One that leads to the world of publication, but I get so overwhelmed for free time that it's taken me a month to outline.

Guilt set in and I worried what my children were really learning if they were watching me chase my dream so closely. Did they see my constant fear? Did they notice that I often set my dreams aside for other responsibilities?

I've constantly wished I could dedicate more time to do all things writing related. But how could I do that without neglecting them? I mean, I need to actively be there when they're home - whether it's homework, fixing dinner for them, talking, or just making sure they clean their room, bathe, brush their teeth, and say goodnight.
I need to find time to write when they're not around. Right?

Well, it turns out Mr. Sessoms thinks I'm wrong. He believes I should take this opportunity of enlightenment and do something about it - not just for myself, but for the kids. So that they see how determination and persistence can pay off, and that working toward your dreams can be satisfying in the journey itself.
(He also says that it has been fear talking and not guilt of neglecting time with the kids. When did he get so logical? ;-))

What if I took a month or two to really focus on my writing? What if I took longer?

I was speechless. We have so much on our plates already, but what if none of that changes anytime soon? What if I meet each day with a promise to myself - to write and not look back.
Could I do that without guilt? Could I take a year of days dedicated to quiet writing hours?
How wonderful. How full of possibility.
And how utterly terrifying!
Pressure immediately seeped in.

I never want to let my family down, but how could I promise my supportive partner, and these lovely little people that are offering the greatest gift of all - time - that I'll use it wisely? Instead of over-thinking it TOO much, as I tend to do, I stopped contemplating all the "what-ifs"and decided the best way to successfully use this new gift would be to JUST DO IT.

After all, no matter the outcome, I'll hopefully continue to inspire my children by showing them that a dream is always worth reaching for.

Which leads to this blog post, dear readers. I'm going to get over my fears and do this by holding myself accountable with a 365 day blog project. I have friends and acquaintances that are using this prompt for photography, crafts, and just journaling.

Why not my writing journey? I'm ready to take this new WIP all the way. Might as well document it and share it with you lovely people.

What to expect:
Daily progress
Links to articles
Story inspiration:
    photos, movies, songs
And extras

I hope that anyone currently following my blog, or new comers, find some interesting writing tidbits from my new journey. And feel free to share any 365 day blogs you host or follow.

Check back tomorrow for the official start of my Year of Writing!