I'm a screenwriter, and a writer of YA & NA fiction. Born and raised in Southwestern Virginia, though I long for the salty air and warm heat of the North Carolina coast (the beach, in my opinion, is after all the ideal place to get cozy with a great book). When not reading, or writing, you can find me taking pictures, conducting adventures for my Tweens, searching for the perfect summer beach cottage, or holding up fort in the office supply section of any store with an office supply section.

A few random tidbits:

  1. I can be bribed with coffee, tea, or scones (not those coffee house ones either, real
    scones with devonshire cream and jam. Please, and thank you).

  2. I received my BA (Film) and MFA (Screenwriting) from Hollins University. Which I attended after 
    becoming a mom. Fun times were had by all.

  3. I'm addicted to red ink. I use it everywhere. Post-its. Edits. Grocery lists. Outlining.
    Photo labels. Recipes. Everywhere.

  4. I love cherries. Especially in ice cream. Even more so when you find almost-whole cherry
    chunks in the ice cream. Some of the best Cherry Ice Cream I've had was from a small
    shop in Southport, NC next to the eateries stacked along the water.

  5. I can't have a furry pet because I'm allergic*. This causes problems in creating an About
    Me/Bio, as many people leave off with a list of pets and clever names. We do have a
    bearded dragon (named Cinna). Though, he's not much for keeping me company or
    hanging out on my keyboard or any other cool writer-pet task like that.

    *edited to add: We've had a cat for 6 months and no one has had a serious allergic reaction. Woohoo!
    Here's an adorable pic of Alexander Earnest Hemingway at 8 weeks old:

    (And he's too playful to do any cool, lazy writer-pet tasks.
    Guess that's better for my keyboard, though.)

  6. Every time we go to the ocean I step out of the car and wait for the sea breeze to embrace me
    and welcome me home. And it does, right on cue. The ocean and I just have a connection like that.

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