Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prepping for a New Year of Blogging

Since last month I've been contemplating what direction to take this blog in 2013. There are some ideas floating around in my head, for instance:
a. writing 
b. photography 
c. crafts/art
d. food
e. 365 days of _____
f. craptastic internet funnies that will annoy everyone including myself

But in the end, I'm undeniably a lost cause at focusing on just one of those subjects. There is no way I consider myself an expert in any of said fields. I don't want to blog regularly, at length, on just one of those topics. 

This leaves me at an impasse, lovely readers. What to do... What to do? 

Like many other blogs I follow, I started this blog to get into the world of my number one passion (writing). Yet I've found a number of blogs with excellent writing advice; a delicious number of blogs about yummy foods; a slew of artistically talented and crafty bloggers. And they already blog about their respective subjects with amazing talent. 

So, lovely reader, I asked myself:  

Self, what do you have to offer the glorious inter-webs that isn't already out there? 
My answer: ... *stares horrified*...

While at a loss for words, myself waiting impatiently for an answer of course, it hit me. The answer is in everything we create - one person's take on a situation is unique to them. 

I had an answer! This whole journey of life and writing and blogging and creating is unique to each of our own POVs. 

Here's the idea:

g. all of the above; sort of. 

I'm thinking a mix of things that inspire me, motivate me, encourage me, teach me - CREATIVELY. Simply: one big bulletin board of creative disarray, or kicking it old school: blogging diary style (as it pertains to my creative side). 

The new blog will have: a heap of pictures, quotes, random remarks on things I encounter in the wilds of society. A blog post on any of the aforementioned subjects; if I feel I have a new perspective to share. Basically I'm thinking Twitter-ish ramblings with higher character counts that all revolve around what gets me going creatively. 

Yes. This sounds good to me. Decision made. 

Any fellow readers out there feel like changing/organizing their blog in the new year?


  1. I was already formulating a comment before I finished but you came up with the same idea. There are already tons of blogs out there but none of them are yours! Each of us has something to contribute. It doesn't have to be totally unique.

  2. So true, Kristina, so very true!
    I think the problem started when I put too much pressure on myself to fit into one specific niche as a newbie-blogger on the writing scene. Too much over-thinking on my part. ;-)
    But I'm eager to get started on new blog posts now, so it worked out in the end.