Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Days and Giveaway Winner!

Hi peeps. Hope all of you are doing well and keeping warm. We've been, well... cold here in Southwest Virginia. But it is January and snowing and such. So winter weather is to be expected; I guess.

My problem is I'd rather be at the beach. Further South. Far, far away from 19 degree weather that feels like 9 degrees. Especially since we've had a relatively warm winter up until this point. Basically, I was spoiled with no-coat winter weather and then this happened out of nowhere:


So, anyway, enough of me pouting. I know you're really here to see who the WINNER is...



*Waits while Rafflecopter preforms its random generator*

P.S. If you didn't win, keep checking back as I have more giveaways planned for the year ahead!


For real this time. The WINNER is:




I've emailed Tabitha at the email address she left upon entry. If I haven't heard from her within 72 hours, I'll pick another winner. 

Thanks to everyone who entered! 

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