Friday, March 30, 2012

That Night Friday

As explained on the first That Night Friday post (in which I drew from my That Nite website's archives for a story), I thought it would be a brilliant idea to have readers share their stories of "Remember that night I/we/you..." on the blog here, now that I'm no longer anonymously hosting the website. I mean, after all, who doesn't love a good story?

Friends/readers have responded!

As always, if you'd like to submit your own That Night story, send them to samantha(dot)sessoms(at)gmail(dot)com

Don't forget to come up with a sign-off, leave your state and/or city, and which category your story falls under. You can include names if you'd like (and it's helpful to the reader, as too many pronouns gets confusing!), but last names will not be published for the privacy of those involved.

The categories are: best, worst, crazy, embarrassing, and bittersweet.

Today's That Night Friday story:

Remember that night you broke off our engagement? You went out to dinner with your friends and came back saying that getting married isn't the best idea. Of course, I asked what had changed and all you could say was that your friends reminded you that you never really wanted to get married ever and that the behavior was so unlike you, you just weren't built that way. I was upset and angry that you could base such an important decision about us on the opinions of your friends and so I questioned your love. You got so angry that you literally ran out of the room. I chased after you but you were very fast so I wandered around campus, looking for you. About an hour goes by and you finally answer you phone, telling me you are in the chapel. I find you, sitting alone. We start to talk and you tell me you love me. I ask if we are breaking up and you say, 'Oh no, baby, of course not.' Then, you ask me what my least favorite food is. I am confused and do not understand so you ask again. I say corn. The words that followed out of your lovely mouth were, 'If I ever really break up with you, I'll serve you corn, that way you'll know it's real.'

And now, I am alone every night, never having received my corn...

Red Flag
Charlottesville, VA

What kind of Friday will you have, friends?! 

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