Sunday, June 10, 2012

Getting Creative, or Recharging

The Sessoms Clan arrived to the NC coast yesterday at 4:37 PM. We all needed a vacation, but for myself...well I'm officially recharging my creative batteries, y'all!

More details to come. Here are some pics for now:

4314 Beach Drive. The Sessoms' Bungalow (for a week)...

View from the Master Bedroom. The ocean makes my soul sooooo happy!

The first night is always a lazy one after driving all day, so we ate out at one of our favorite spots. Our table was on the pier behind the restaurant. The kids' laughter melded with the live band for a lazy, unwinding atmosphere. The food was scrumptious. And the view was simply gorgeous.

After getting settled in, it's now beach time!

More to come soon. We send our best from the warm sand of NC, hope all of you are well! Any fun plans this summer, Dear Readers?

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