Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Midsummer's Nightmare: Book Review

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Great read*! 
Brought this one to the beach and finished it in two days - I couldn't get enough of Whitley and the ever fun Nathan (every girl needs a Nathan in her life, just saying...). Whitley is a new favorite of unlikeable characters, or at least unlikeable by most standards. I was enamored by her independent and strong-willed attitude when we first meet her, though it's easy to see that this flippant, carefree attitude will lead to some big self-destruction. And boy, does it lead her down that path! 
Kody Keplinger has once again mastered the YA contemporary/romance genre in A Midsummer's Nightmare. There are true-to-life issues for Whitley, honest and compelling reasons to root for her and against her in the same breath (which is no easy feat for any author), and each character that crosses Whitley's path is defined and intriguing. Did I mention the sizzle factor?! I had to stop myself from reading ahead in an effort to get to more Nathan-Whitley passion-charged scenes! 
I could go into more detail, but that'd give too much away and I'm not a fan of spoilers. So, I'll finish by adding: if you want a fun, sexy, honest-to-the-core story of love, heartbreak, and gritty confrontation this is a perfect read!
If you can't tell I'm a huge Kody fan. Enjoy, readers!

*I received this book for free through a contest on Daisy Whitney's The Mockingbirds Facebook page. Which was super exciting as I usually never win the contests I enter and I'm a HUGE fan of Kody's! And, for no reason other than to share my crazy with you - The Mail Guy still thinks I'm crazy as I once again did my little IGOTBOOKS twirl when he handed me the book-package.

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