Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Look Back - #50

It's the 50th day of my 365 day project. Time has sped up on me!

I jumped back into writing and classwork today. It was a little rusty at first. Procrastination tried to dig its claws into me something fierce, but I shrugged it off after a big cup of coffee and got to work.

After getting a scene sketched out (remember, I'm trying a new first draft method with this MS. If you're new to the blog you can read about here), I glanced back at the monthly goals I set for myself around day #20. One in particular caught my eye: complete the first draft and revise by the end of May.

I don't think that will happen. There's a chance since I still have a month to do it in, but I don't want to slop something together. I've been working hard on not rushing through this MS and focusing on creating a process that works for me so I can create a stable career in the writing field.

That said, if it happens and the Word Gods are shining down on me, I'll keep working hard to keep the other goals on track. If not, there will be no beating up on myself. The past three weeks rattled my plans, but I'm back now and I'll finish this one way or the other!

On that note, I've also decided that I will not be doing word counts on the weekends anymore unless I want to set aside time to write on those days. The past two days of relaxing between my old job and jumping back into my writing schedule have taught me that recharging and taking a day off - treating writing like a job - is actually good for my creative-brain. So, I'm going to see how it goes taking the weekends off.

I'll still be posting though. Sharing links, inspiration, and asking you guys to contribute.

Word Count: 237

Happy writing!

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