Thursday, May 9, 2013

My iPhone Drowned - #58

Without getting into the particulars of how my phone landed in water (because I'm too mad at myself and I'll pull all my hair out), just know my iPhone is currently sitting in an air tight dish with the moisture-sucking company of rice and silica gel.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, friends. Please.

Yeah, yeah, I know this is a #firstworldproblem and all, and I really do understand there are more important things going on. But right now, this is important for me because my new job is an on-call basis during my first month. My daughter is going on her first long field trip tomorrow. And I took my car into the shop today (so the mechanic had a hard time getting in touch with me) and I had to use my fiancé's old car for my courier job. Let's just say it's an 'Old Car' for a reason - the reason being why he got a 'New To Him Car' last year. It's been a doozy of a day, y'all.

So, I've got my fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed that the rice and silica tango will resuscitate my iPhone. I'd be much obliged if you sent a little positive vibes through the universe for me. I love you all.


(and not sad or headachy or furious with myself. Not at ALL)


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