Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All the Things - #59-63

First and foremost - I am now equipped with another* iPhone. All is right with the world again, you guys. Seriously.

*Notice I didn't write NEW? Well, it wasn't new, and at first I was really upset. I mean, we pay insurance and had a $170 deductible for a replacement phone. Why wouldn't it be new? Turns out, they use B Stock phones for all insurance replacements. B Stock phones are phones that customers have tried out but didn't like, or phone lines that were opened and quickly disconnected, and the like-new phones were returned. Yeah. Fun. Only, not. But it works, and is not water-logged!

Class is going super well. I want to tell you guys EVERYTHING that I'm learning, but well, I can't. That would be illegal, y'all. It's a paid class, and it's well worth it.
What I can do though is lead you elsewhere - to see a published author gush about the class I'm taking and how much she learned from it! Go read about Holly Lisle's class offerings from published YA author, Susan Dennard.

My writing is faltering and I don't think it's just the middle this time. Yes, I'm only nearing 20k words, but I was trying this new fast drafting technique and nearing 20k is right at the end of the Second Act (so to speak) for the fast 'outline' style first draft. Yet, I'm not enjoying the scenes and I know that means my readers won't enjoy them either. So, I'm digging into my class deeper this week. I'm on to something in this week's lesson, and I want to see if it pans out in relation to my drafting process.

The new job is divine. Driving (and most importantly - BRAINSTORMING) for money was the perfect placeholder/day-job for me. Of course, I spend most of the drive ogling the landscape and the dreamy wide-open fields and the country white two story houses with wrap around porches topped with painted-green tin roofs. It's all I can do to not pull over and play hooky in the wheat grass, y'all. I'll pull over and take some pictures for the blog on the next drive. It'll be a good excuse to get lost on the side of the road.

How is everything your way, friends? Don't forget to check out Susan Dennard's post I linked above. Great advice on writing workshops!

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