Saturday, March 30, 2013

Skipping to the Last Scene - #18

It surprises me that I lasted this long.

Drafting the last scene of a WIP usually happens for me right after I write the first scene. Said scene is never in complete form, nor does it stay the same by the time I work my way back to it, but the framework is there nonetheless.

There are many different opinions in regards to when one should come up with their ending: know vaguely from the beginning, get there organically, outline extensively, etc. I was never too concerned with which of those categories I fell into because we all have our own process.

Though, I will mention that I heard a nugget of advice on the subject somewhere (I'd cite it, but I can't remember where exactly it came from) that roughly said, "You don't have to know the end of your story (details/plot), but know how you want your reader to feel at the end." And I would agree wholeheartedly. I always know the emotion I want for the end of my stories.

And, as I mentioned above, shortly after I start (already knowing the emotion I want for the ending) a scene comes to me and I'll have the framework jotted down after the first scene.

This WIP has taken me a bit longer. Maybe because of my busy schedule of late? Maybe because of my short writing times each day? Maybe I need more coffee? Yes, that's it.

Anyhow, today I worked on my WIP's last scene listening to the track I designated for such cause (per the emotion I wanted from the reader).

Have a listen:

Word Count: 823

Happy Writing!

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