Friday, March 22, 2013

Finding a Great Story - Day 10

I wasn't going to post anymore about the family member with the medical issues that I mentioned earlier this week, but she is still at the hospital and will be for a bit longer. So, Dear Reader, any good vibes you feel like passing along would be greatly appreciated!

So while at the hospital today, we waited.
Waiting has one positive - it gives us ample amounts of time we can't seem to find elsewhere in our schedule. Today I took advantage of that. More for my own sanity than anything else, nonetheless I got some words out. (sometimes it's easier to focus on make-believe than reality)

Then this evening, I wanted to take the kids out and give them a break from hospital smell and small, quiet rooms. They voted for a movie.

We saw this:

And while waiting, we watched this preview:

There was so much awesome, thrilling, inspiring story in both of these tales, friends!

Have you ever read a book, or watched a movie that grabbed hold of your heart and reminded you  why you slave over your own stories every day?
This was one of those moments for me (I've had them before, but it feels so new every time).
Both of these stories made my writer-soul set up, breathe in the adventure, and fall heartbreakingly in love with them. And I haven't even seen Epic yet!

I don't write fantasy. And I was never interested in writing an animated screenplay.
And that is OKAY.
Because you don't need to be inspired by your own genre or medium, y'all.
You just need to be inspired.

Word Count: 1493

So, any great stories sneak into your life lately? Did they take root and blossom into warm, gooey inspiration?

Happy writing!

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