Thursday, March 14, 2013

Adding All the Notes - Day 2

I've added my Wall Outline to Scrivener, lovely readers. My once empty Scrivener file now looks like so:

Of course, it doesn't have the black boxes over the content in my real life version, but you get the idea (there's no way I'm showing the unedited first outline!). The column on the left represents each of the 30-something index cards I now have (which, makes moving from scene/chapter to scene/chapter SUPER Effing Easy! Yay, Scrivener!).

Each index card represents each pink Post-it you saw yesterday.

So, once the Wall Outline was in my Scrivener file, I had to upload all of my notes. See, I (along with every other writer, probably) have this habit of coming up with scenes, dialog, moments, events, etc. while driving, working, grocery shopping, whatever, where ever - you name it and I'm there coming up with stuff. And it never fails that I only have* a notepad, napkin, or Evernote app on my phone to write all of the awesome down.

*I NEVER have my laptop to plug it immediately into Scrivener. Wish they had an Evernote-esqu app that would allow me to take notes then sync with Scrivener when I got home... Hmm, you listening Scrivener creator?

Which means I end up with this:

Only thing missing from the photo is my phone (Evernote notes), because it was being used at the moment.

So today's mission was to get all of that into the appropriate scenes/chapters I created yesterday in Scrivener. I'd show you a picture of that, but it would be less appealing with all the words blocked out. The drafting background isn't as groovy as the cork board background above ;-)

That's my day 2, peeps. And let me tell you - I plan to seriously work on better organization when outlining the next idea! There has to be a better way than: "Quick, give me a surface ink will stick to!" Alas, it seems I just cultivate my outline in a messy, spread out manner.

Happy writing to all of you!
See you tomorrow. When I start DRAFTING!

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