Thursday, March 28, 2013

Friends for the Journey - #16

I want to give a shout out to my amazing friends that continue to give their full support while a family member of mine has been in the hospital. You know who you are and all of you are simply wonderful. True, true friends.

Your support was the warmth I needed during this heartbreaking journey of worry and doubt. And finally, we made it into the golden hour of another day - a time full of hope and adventure and promise of opportunity.

Thank you all for always showing me the honesty of our friendships. I'd follow you guys anywhere.

@Samantha Sessoms
Airlie Gardens, NC
During writing time today, I worked some more on the funeral scene, after I focused on class work.

I am tickled over this class, y'all. There are no words right now for the things I'm learning about my writer-soul, and writing technique. My mind is blown. 

If you have no idea what class I'm referring to, go here, or check out Holly Lisle's HTTS Ultra class

Word Count: 467

Happy Writing! 

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