Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring is Coming - Day 4

So we finally had some nice March weather in Southwest, VA. While working 8 hours at the bookstore today, I kept the front door propped open so the 70 degree weather could swoop in and warm our bones.

Then, as the weather in these parts does lately, it switched up and the sun took a nap while the rain clouds danced in. However, it was our first warm spring shower, and it was lovely. Not gloomy, or chilly as per all the early weeks of 2013's flip-floppy weather.

This warm shower was just right for the beginning of Spring.

And afterwards the sky was gorgeous. Have a look:

Beautiful. Am I right?

With a day like this I had no problem squeezing in writing time (normally I would have grumpily done house chores, or immediately passed out after walking in the door).

Word count: 863.

Any good weather your way, Peeps? Big plans for the weekend?

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