Friday, March 15, 2013

Drafting Begins - Day 3

Hi, All!

So today (after work, and kid pick-up from school, and shopping, and dinner, and...) I sat down to start drafting.

It's important to state here that I write to music. Music is IMPERATIVE, y'all. Seriously.

So, on this very important first day of drafting, I needed a kick-butt Get Into The Story song. And I had just the one. Here it is for you to love all over:

All right, I know y'all have probably left to buy this awesomeness on iTunes, but if you're still here you probably want a word count (as numbers will be the more important parts of simple drafting posts from here until I have a completed draft, other than fun links, inspiration, pics, music, etc-awesome).

Today's word count was: 1,009!    #FTW

Did y'all write today? Listen to any good music?

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