Sunday, April 7, 2013

3 Rs: Reading, Relaxing, and Rewriting - #26

Had a nice day relaxing with the kids. We went to the park and walked. Then I kept the bench comfy while they re-mulched the playground.

I even got in some good reading time.

On my Kindle, I'm almost done with:

Pic via @Jamie McGuire's website
(click on the cover for more info)

After the park, we stopped by the bookstore. I bought a YA Hardcover for when I finish Walking Disaster:

Pic via @Nina LaCour's website
(click on cover for more info)

Heard anything good about these titles? 
If it's bad - don't tell me. Okay. Thanks :-)

Though, I'm always up for reading recommendations. Feel free to leave a suggestion in the comments at any time. Share the book love!

Word Count: 453 - 453 = 0 
(I wrote a couple beginnings on a new scene. Quite a few times actually. This number was the last effort before I erased the text for the last time so I can go address my outline/draft and find where I went wrong. Back to the drawing board tomorrow!)

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