Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things Change - #25

Today was full of changes: good and not so great.

Mr. Sessoms decided to pick up something sweet from Fresh Market this evening. I expected cannoli, as they are his dessert of choice. He picked up ice cream. Jeni's Goat Cheese with Red Cherries to be exact.
You guys.
You know how I feel about cherries, right? It was the best change in dessert EVER!

Tonight is the last night of spring break for the kiddos - the last night to do all the After Normal Bedtime activities of the past week: The last night to stay up super late building an entire new dimension on Minecraft. The last night to snack way past dinner. The last night to giggle in Dad's face while he snores on the couch.
But instead they've decided to head to bed early and read.
Greatest change of today. No, of the week. The silence is the most exotic noise I've heard in what feels like years. I said this was a great change, right?

And the Not So Good.
I was told today that my job's current location has a new official move-out date. The store had been scheduled to close and relocate later this month. Seamlessly. No interruptions in work schedule, etc. Now, the new official date is this upcoming Thursday. And with the new date and other underlining situations, there is no official word on when I'll be able to return to work.
Yep. Things change.

What do you do?
Devour the ice cream. Gobble up every delicious scoop.
Appreciate the kids. Give them extra kisses and hugs for the extra piece of quiet they've unknowingly given you.
Secure a new job interview. Make changes.

Things will change again.
Still, I'm looking at these little moments as learning tools for achieving my writing dreams. The world of writing is a business after all. There will be great moments, and there will be let downs; there will be changes for the good, and for the bad; and through it all I will find my smile.
Because there will always be more change to come.

Word Count: 275

Here's to keeping positive and going after new doors of opportunity.

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