Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Job - #44

New Job is awesome, you guys. 

I'm couriering for two local hospitals. It's good pay for only a few hours, low stress, and important work. 

Best of all, in a completely selfish way, the majority of the day is spent in the car going back and forth between the hospitals. Which is about a 45 minute drive each way. And during that time I get to listen to my story's playlist, brainstorm and outline, and use my phone's voice recorder to dictate any prose or dialog that takes me by storm. 

It. Is. Fabulous. 

Another bonus - if I have time, after I get caught up on my writing goals, I can listen to books from my current TBR pile and finally get to all the books I've been dying to read.

And the landscape isn't bad to gaze at, either. Take a look:

@Samantha Sessoms

*whispers, so I don't jinx it* All the peace, and spring breeze had my story-brain swirling and I took some notes on my WIP today. No word count yet, but I'm getting back to that sweet spot. 

Any exciting news in your world, friends?

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