Friday, April 12, 2013

Finding a Writing Community to Suit You - #31

It's been a month of posting, you guys! How freaking cool is that?

I want to give you something. But what can I give you over the internet?
Cyber hugs?
Pictures of chocolate?
Reading recommendations?

Okay, I'll stop. I already know what I want to give you anyway: A suggestion for your writing.

This month I've offered up my own writing experience, some helpful links, even links to what inspires me. These offerings are what I find important about a great writing community: a positive environment full of like-minded (meaning of the writing variety, not opinions and such), goal oriented people.

One of the best places I've found to create your own writing community is Twitter (especially if you live in a smallish town, like me, or just can't find any other writers working in your genre/market close by).

Are you on Twitter, peeps? If not, go handle that. You'll want it for a link I'm about to share.

So, you have your Twitter account all set up and you've followed and chatted with other writers and you're ready to share in the journey.

What better way to get on board than to write with your new friends? Actually join along in writing sprints.

Without further ado, here is a link to write in 30 minute sprints from 8PM - 2AM EST every Friday. (Though, it's become so popular you can often find someone to sprint with all day on Fridays and sometimes during the rest of the week)
Check out Friday Night Writes: @FriNightWrites
You can do all the normal Twitter things like chat and cheer others on, but the wonderful hosts of Friday Night Writes also give prompts, jokes, awesomeness, and encourage word counts with celebration.

Go check it out and use the hashtag: #writeclub

Say Hello! to the fantastic admins that lead the Friday Night Writes group when you head over:
@MeganWhitmer (founder)

Go sprint with a lovely, supportive writing community!

Word Count: 1393

Happy Writing!

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