Saturday, April 20, 2013

Knowing When to Take a Break - #39

It's with a heavy heart and much guilt that I write this post, you guys.

I'm beating myself up and feeling like a failure for just thinking about doing this. But, I know that it's something I need to do for my sanity and well being.

During the next week, actually until May 1st, I will not be working on my story. There will be no more word counts until I can fully concentrate on my writing without muddling through brain fog.

As I've previously stated, I'm working out a two week notice at my former place of employment. It has been very labor intensive and mentally exhausting. I don't want to get into too much detail on the blog, or turn this into a gripe fest, but just know that everyday until May 1st, I will be working 8 to 10 hour days there, then coming home to life responsibilities and cramming in classwork when I can. Oh, and falling into the shower before bed each night. You know, as one does when they can barely stand up.

Anyway, back to business: at first I wanted to continue my classwork and writing during this strenuous time. I made the decision to do this 365 day blog and damn it, I was going to stick with it. However, since last week when I rearranged my writing/class schedule to alternating days, I've realized I'm pushing my self past acceptable limits - physically and mentally. I've found that I am in crappy shape (seriously, I could not save my family if we had a zombie apocalypse right this minute, guys!), and on top of it I'm exhausting all my creative juices trying to problem solve that which is known as: you two turn a clusterfudge into perfection, a.k.a. my old job.

Please know this was a very hard decision for me.
I wanted to succeed at this blog project. I wanted to document every day of the outlining/drafting/revising/critiquing/rewriting/querying process. But, I guess this is actually as much a part of the process as the writing and business of trying to get published.
I've noted previously that life gets in the way, and things change, only this time I'm finding that I cannot recovery a day or two later like I have in the past.
For better or worse this is how my process is going thus far, so at least I'm documenting it honestly!

I'll still post everyday and share as many interesting links and ideas as with you all as I can.

Hope you've had a wonderful Saturday!

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