Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Food for Thought - #43

It's getting close, you guys. My two week notice at the old job will be up after I finish work on Sunday. And I'll be working at the new job tomorrow and Friday. Which technically means that  I only have two days left at the old job. Two days!

The countdown begins now. Yes, even though it's four days early - that's how my brain rolls these days.

In other news, I want to share something with you that is not writing related. I'm always on the lookout for food tips. Lifestyle change, cooking, new foods, trivia, etc. Any awesomeness related to food. I don't usually say too much on here because, well, sometimes food theory can be a subject as touchy as religion and politics.

Anyhow, I was super appreciative when a link was shared on twitter last night, so I wanted to share it with all of you. Lately, I've been looking for more ways to incorporate real, preservative free food into our family's diet. Yes, there's the obvious - fruit and vegetables - but I've been looking for quick tips for a family on the GO. Because, you know, that's all I do lately - go, go, go.

Here is a great link that shares all that fun info with meal, snack, and school lunch suggestions (right side bar for links): 100 Days of Real Food

Do you guys have any tips for working these foods into our daily, hectic schedule?

Happy Writing!

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