Monday, April 1, 2013

Monthly Goals - #20

It is time for some more goals. The WIP is coming along and soon I will need to send it out for critique, and then rewrite until my eyeballs dry out.

What shall I do while my paper-child is out being torn to shreds?

More writerly things of course.

(these goals are about holding myself accountable for my own schedule. I'm not implying that other writers want or need to complete any of these actions)

Months to Come - 
*Draft and revise WIP by the end of May.
*Create author website for blog/twitter links by the end of June.
*Revise WIP using critique partner notes by the end of July.
*Outline next idea in August. 
*Draft query and contact agents between August - September.

Word Count: 523

Happy Writing!

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