Thursday, April 11, 2013

Time Off - #30

I snuck away to daydream today.

There was classwork to do. Story to write. A house to clean. Jobs to interview for. Etc, etc.

But I was a rebel, you guys. I jumped in my car and took off to find a slice of quiet. Just so happens it was during my most precious time of the day. 

The Golden Hour. 

Melts my heart, y'all. For real.

Apricot hues all warm and gooey. Dark, mysterious shadows, yawning into the first hint of nightfall.

This time of day has given me chills since I was a child. It holds so many adventures and opportunities and secrets and laughs and otherworld-ness and possibilities and, and I can barely find words to fit the awe its golden-ness blankets me with every single time.
My stories live in the Golden Hour. It possesses my imagination. 

The quiet mischief I found today gave me much inspiration. Inspiration that fuels my motivation. 

Only problem was that I lost track of time. So, no word count today, but I had my trusty notebook in my bag and I have pages filled, waiting to be transferred tomorrow. Guess that could be my word count, but that feels like cheating.

Oh, and there was one other problem. I left my cell phone in the car so I wouldn't be distracted. I said I lost track of time, right? Yeah, it was dark before I thought I should take a picture for the blog. Then I glanced up from my relentless note taking to see the glow of sunlight behind the mountain ridge. Oh. Oh, is right. 

But, here, watch this trailer. Its stunning imagery and melodic tone most accurately conveys my feelings and experiences with the Golden Hour during my many years pinning over its mysterious glory. More so than I can find words for at this time, anyway, without posting scene excerpts from my book or making this blog post a novella.

Ah. Simply exquisite.

Happy Writing!

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