Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life & Schedules - #35

Life completely derailed my schedule today.

My class/writing schedule was: 2 hours a day.
No matter what days I worked, or when the kids were in school.

Today was packed with work and running around and events I'd forgotten about.
See, I'm switching career fields due to a set-back in hours at my current job. Funny enough, I started working out my two week notice beginning today, and noticed I'll be clocking more hours this week and next than I've ever worked in one month there.

I'm helping set up a new store location. It's labor-intensive, busy work, but enjoyable. So it evens out, I guess. Only problem is I've literally set aside every extra hour I have for the next two weeks to help them.

I didn't factor in my usual class/writing time. I was so focused on helping them with the store while training for my new position, that I didn't think about unexpected mishaps in any given day.

It'll work itself out in a day or two, I'm sure. My writing/class time has been figured back in with enough buffer for unexpected, minor events.

This probably just sounds like whining at this point because I'm too exhausted to see straight.
But, this is a learning experience for writing too. Things come up. Life doesn't stop living. We have to accommodate and make changes, so that we can get back on track and keep ourselves disciplined to our craft (job/dream/lifestyle) whatever it may be.

Word Count: 0

Hope your day was more relaxed, friends. Happy writing!

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