Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coming Up With Ideas - #22

As a writer, I sometimes wonder if I'm using my last idea. If a new seed will ever grow again after my current WIP.

This, of course, is solved as soon as I pick another story from the metaphorical story garden. However, when I'm knee deep in that new WIP, I wonder again if it will be my last.

The bigger problem here is the worry of how I'll come up with ideas on deadline. After all, as we can agree, publishing is a business. 

I found the answer. 
No lie. 

In class this week we worked on what our teacher, Holly Lisle, calls a Sweet Spot Map. Ah, you guys! It is a mind-blowing, in-your-face, idea engine. Seriously.

I can't go into detail because it's a class, BUT you can attend each lesson individually without joining the entire HTTS Ultra course I'm taking. Check out lesson 3 in Holly Lisle's HTTS Ultra class here

Word Count: 295

(I'm noticing that I'm getting fewer and fewer words while the kidlets are on spring break, but there's still words. So I won't beat myself up... yet.)

Happy Writing 

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