Thursday, April 18, 2013

Branching Off - #37

Remember when I said this week and next were crazy busy because I was working out a two week notice at one job, and starting another. 

Yeah. That. 

At the old job I've enjoyed playing with power tools, floor-planning, and extra time with my soon to be former supervisor. Especially in the semi-empty, new store location. Even more so since we're the only ones working there right now. It reminds me of a Lifetime movie. Like we're two rebel girls that shoved all of our lifesavings into a back pack and moved to a faraway, perfect small town to start over. Where we open an eclectic book shop, hoping nothing will go wrong because our budget and nerves are so stressed from the drama we put in our rearview. 

And then he walks into our store. On opening day. 
And nothing will be the same ever again. 

Until the next movie. 

Yes, these are the corny moments that pass through my head when I'm this exhausted. Remember the power tools I mentioned? Do you know how much muscle you have to put behind those to pre-drill and bolt and sand and... My muscles hate me. They're quick to scream at me; every time I bend or stand or turn. It sucks.

Part of the reason I'm so tired is the speed with which our store relocation happened. There was only room for so much planning. Which left us busting our butts to get everything spaced out for the movers, and constantly shifting inventory. Now my supervisor has only two weeks to get the new store open and we are not on track. We still have inventory everywhere, no shelving to make a floor plan, no signage out front, and a whole other store full of stock that has to be moved into the new store. 

The quickly drawn-up plan doesn't work anymore because of the problems listed above and major hiccups between my supervisor and the owner. In the meantime, my supervisor and I have been bouncing ideas off one another, hoping one will stick. 

Ever heard the phrase, "hands tied?" Yeah. I'll let you know how that goes.

So, anyway, after another long day, I got back to writing this evening.

The outline is giving me some minor problems again. 

This time my muse didn't want to be bothered with the schedule, or brainstorming. My muse had an idea and wanted to run with it, so that's what I did. For better or worse I took a new direction. The next scene should wind back around to the outline, and if not that's okay for right now too.

My seeming nonchalance may be exhaustion from everything else, though I doubt it. I think I'm finally starting to trust myself and my muse. Planning your outline is great, but finding a new path can be even better. 

Word Count: 547

Happy writing!

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